Mcafee total protection 3 pcs 3 years validity


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for 3 pc 3 years validity

How to Install Mcafee Total Security

  1. Go to

  1. Enter the unique activation code found on your Retail Card or email.
  2. Follow our onscreen steps to download and install your security app.

Mcafee Total Protection 

Award-Winning Antivirus:
Blocks viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, unwanted programs, and more on your PC
Safe Web Browsing:
McAfee® WebAdvisor safe web browsing warns you about risky websites and helps prevents dangerous downloads and phishing attacks
Helps you manage your protection for all your devices from an easy-to-use web page.
Password Manager:
Eliminate the hassle of passwords with the multi-factor password manager app.
File Lock:
Helps keep your personal files private by storing them on your PC with a combination of password protection and encryption
Operating System:
Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1 fully patched (32- and 64-bit)
Mac OS X 10.11 or later
Supported Browsers
Internet Explorer 10.0 or later
Google Chrome
Safari (Mac and iOS OS Only)
Internet Connection Required
High-speed connection recommended
Supported Email Programs for Anti-SPAM
POP3—Windows Mail, Outlook, Netscape, IncrediMail, Thunderbird, Becky, Shuriken
Web—MSN/Hotmail or email account with IMAP/POP3 access
Required for Anti-Spam Toolbar
Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2013, 2016
Thunderbird 38.0+
McAfee Anti-Spam also supports other POP3 email clients (without SSL) and web accounts
500 MB free drive space
1 GHz Processor


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